Very proud of our physician-scientists who are stepping in to help fight COVID-19

These are trying times for science, as all clinical and experimental research has come to a sudden standstill. The intelligent lock down imposed by our government is particularly hard on our young scientists who had to suddenly end their projects in which they have invested so much!

Physician-scientists are medical doctors working on a PhD thesis focused on discovery at the intersection of science and medicine. While they could have used this time to catch up on writing or enjoy the weather, our physician-scientists are stepping in to help in the clinic. We would like to express our gratitude to Eva Boorsma, Valentina Bra├žun, Remco de Brouwer, Sebastiaan Klaassen, Marie-Sophie de Koning, Bao-Oanh Nguyen, Bernadet Santema, Rens Teeuwen, Daan Ties, Rebecca Woolley and Gijs van Woerden for their dedication to clinical medicine! Their service will allow us to face the COVID-19 emergency without compromising our standard of care for patients with heart disease.