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We will find a solution for every heart disease.

We strongly believe in our mission at UMCG Cardiology. At this moment there are no cures for these conditions and this is unacceptable to us. We are looking for young and ambitious talents who share our ambition. Who want to make a difference with us. On this website you will find the projects we are currently working on, our people & teams, our latest news, our core believes and the wide range of vacancies.

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From groundbreaking discoveries and awards to new projects and key vacancies. The six most intriguing news items can be found here.

Suzanne Voorrips national champion 800 meters

VIP-HF study led by UMCG cardiology presented at HFA Discoveries

DECISION to decide on digitalis in heart failure

Vacancy Physician-Scientist (OUTREACH)

Publication: Translational model of PLN cardiomyopathy

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Science is always a team effort and we are always looking for new talents to join our team. A wide range of vacancies are available at the UMCG Cardiology research center. A short description of the different positions can be found below. You need to have one thing in common with our team: you want to make a difference in the lives of people with heart disease. Now and in the future.

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PhD students

Discover our research

Where creative ideas and our cutting edge technology shape the treatments of tomorrow. Our research ranges from basic and translational science to multicenter clinical trials. Research at UMCG Cardiology is focused in four different areas. You can find our ongoing projects below and select the ones which interest you the most.


Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a clinical syndrome with symptoms of dyspnea, fatigue and poor exercise capacity caused by structural or functional cardiac abnormalities. Patients with...

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Digoxin Evaluation in Chronic heart failure: Investigational Study In Outpatients in the Netherlands: DECISION


Harnessing the power of ketones


Predicting new-onset heart failure in women


Facilitate personalized therapies in patients with heart failure


Secreted factors in cardiac remodeling provoke tumorigenesis and end organ damage in heart failure


PHOspholamban RElated CArdiomyopathy STudy

Adiposity in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Epicardial fat can cause heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.


Improving early detection of CVD

Selenium and Heart Failure

Translational research focusing on synergy between lifestyle interventions and treating HF.


Atrial Fibrillation

Our research is focused on risk identification and improvement of therapies for atrial fibrillation, with a specific interest for those with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction. Research projects...

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Reappraisal of Atrial Fibrillation: Interaction between hyperCoagulability, Electrical remodeling, and Vascular Destabilisation in the Progression of AF


Comparing early ablation and standard therapy


A randomized controlled trial of AV junction ablation and biventricular pacing versus optimal pharmacological therapy in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation


Reversal of Atrial Substrate to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation


Device-based rate versus rhythm control treatment in patients with symptomatic recent-onset atrial fibrillation in the emergency department


Identification of a risk profile to guide atrial fibrillation therapy


Personalised Medicine in Chronic Disease Management


Experimental Cardiology

Our main focus is pathological cardiac remodeling, which can culminate into heart failure, a condition that is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Amongst others we use...

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Stem cell models to unravel the susceptibility and resilience to develop heart failure


Secreted factors in cardiac remodeling provoke tumorigenesis and end organ damage in heart failure

PLN cardiomyopathy

Investigating and treating phospholamban cardiomyopathy


MITOchondrial therapy to increase cardiac FORCE and enhance exercise performance

Selenium and Heart Failure

Translational research focusing on synergy between lifestyle interventions and treating HF.


Ischemic Heart Diseases

Our work focuses on enhancing our understanding and improving the treatment of cardiovascular disease. To this end, we initiate clinical trials and perform in depth studies of big-data sets, including...

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Preservation of myocardial function after myocardial infarction

Early Synergy

Early detection of obstructive coronary artery disease


Cardiac CT and MR imaging to replace invasive coronary angiography in patients with suspicion of coronary artery disease (CAD)

Latest news

Dekker grant for Jozine ter Maaten

Publication: Sex-Specific Associations of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Biomarkers With Incident Heart Failure

The effects of liraglutide and dapagliflozin on cardiac function and structure in a multi-hit mouse model of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Symposium “Barriers and future directions of personalized medicine: from the bench to the patients” October 2nd, 2020. Online

Cycling the Frisian “Elfstedentocht” for the PLN Foundation