Founded by UMCG Cardiology and building on decades of experience, G-CURE makes your cardiovascular drug a success

UMCG Department of Cardiology

The UMCG Department of Cardiology, including the 2 supporting research department (Cardio Research and Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology), is one of the largest departments within the hospital, employing over 750 staff, including 30 cardiologists. It is the scientific and operational foundation of G-CURE.


G-CURE aims to become a global scientific leader and service provider in the development of new (pharmacological) treatments for cardiovascular diseases with a focus on heart failure, ischemic heart disease and atrial fibrillation. Born within the Cardiology department of one of the most advanced university hospitals in Europe, G-CURE is a modern institute built on strong scientific foundations dating back to the 18th century.  We offer our unique skill sets and combined expertise to pharmaceutical, biotech and related industries, with services ranging from experimental animal studies, clinical trials, data analysis and consultancy.


Services and expertise

G-CURE makes your cardiovascular drug a success by building on decades of cardiovascular research experience and utilizing our vast network of experts in the field of drug development.  We offer the full continuum from studying pathophysiology yielding novel mechanistic targets, to pre-clinical and phase I, II and III drug development studies.


Do you have a promising cardiovascular drug, and are you looking for scientific advice on how to proceed with its development? G-CURE has the expertise required to develop and deploy a research and development plan designed to answer your questions and generate maximum added value for your drug within the shortest possible time, on a reasonable budget, encompassing the full spectrum from preclinical trial to Proof of Concept clinical study.


Discovery of novel drug targets

We have stored many samples from different cohorts of patients with cardiovascular disease. Using novel artificial intelligent applications on multi-omics data retrieved from these samples, we identify novel therapeutic targets for personalized molecule development.


Pre-clinical studies

G-CURE can implement every facet of your research and development plan, providing an optimal environment for translational medicine. The division of Experimental Cardiology is part of Cardiology UMCG and operates state-of-the-art facilities for pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology studies.


Clinical studies (Phase I-IV)

Clinical studies are conducted at Cardio Research, the dedicated research unit of UMCG Cardiology. It has over 25 years of experience in conducting Phase II, III and IV efficacy trials, both sponsored and investigator-initiated. We are rapidly expanding our experience in phase I studies, which are conducted in close collaboration with PRA International and QPS Netherlands BV. PRA as well as QPS have extensive experience in conducting fast track phase I and IIa safety and tolerability studies, with the addition of small groups of patients for early efficacy evaluation. QPS’s phase I unit is conveniently located on the premises of the UMCG. In addition, the UMCG can offer a wide array of techniques, such as PET scans, to add sophisticated scientific data to your drug profile.


Collaboration with UMCG departments

Cardio Research

Since 1992, UMCG Cardiology has been operating a dedicated clinical research department – Cardio Research. Cardio Research has performed more than 300 clinical trials in cardiology, both sponsored and investigator initiated trials.

Our project/site managers are dedicated to organizing your research program effectively and efficiently, including obtaining approval from the IRB and the Competent Authority. Our research physicians and screening nurses are dedicated to the identification and inclusion of eligible patients. Our research nurses and assistants have a longstanding experience in the planning, execution and documentation of clinical studies in compliance with GCP. Residents and cardiologists from the Department of Cardiology are actively involved in the execution of individual trials.

Cardio Research operates a research outpatient clinic with two examination rooms, a blood collection and processing lab, echocardiography facilities, medication and sample storage with 24-hour temperature monitoring and a long-day stay facility. Overnight stay facilities are also available upon request.


Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

The Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging of the University Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility for research with radioactive isotopes. The Department harbours a PET/CT scanner, a PET scanner, 2 dual-head gamma cameras and dual-head SPECT-CT cameras for human use, along with a microSPECT, a microPET and a microCT scanner for use with rodents. The department also has fully GMP licensed laboratories. Quality is paramount, as reflected by an ISO9001 certification (4th recertification in 2012) and the receiving the Dutch Quality Award (2011). Cardiovascular diseases research is a departmental spearhead, including visualization of the cardiac nervous system function in chronic disorders.


UMCG Service Desk-CRO

The UMCG Service Desk CRO (SD-CRO) is a university-based CRO, specialized in clinical trial project management, data management, statistics and monitoring. SD-CRO has a long-standing collaborative relationship with the Department of Cardiology. Collaboration between G-CURE and SD-CRO offers our customers the opportunity to jointly outsource data management, statistics and monitoring as well as the full clinical development program in a single contract.



G-CURE maintains an extensive network of local, national and international specialized partners with a long tradition in cardiovascular and clinical research. We and our partners are dedicated to making your compound a success.



The Dutch Network for Cardiovascular Research (WCN) is an independent organization of 58 cardiology departments throughout The Netherlands, offering their clinical trial services to pharmaceutical industry-sponsored phase IIb and III studies. By selecting specialized sites for each clinical trial, the WCN is capable of delivering high quality data and high inclusion in clinical trials. Collaboration between G-CURE and the WCN offers our customers access to a large pool of cardiology patients for their clinical development programs.


PRA International BV

PRA’s state-of-the-art Early Development Services (EDS) facilities undertake over 100 clinical studies and over 200 bio-analytical studies each year. In addition to traditional early phase studies, PRA specializes in more complex, first-in-human studies using our unique Unit on Demand model and Fast Track Development program. PRA’s combination of expertise and state-of-the-art methodology enables a range of specialist studies with delicate pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic objectives. Collaboration between G-CURE and PRA offers our customers the opportunity to implement all phases of the clinical development program under one roof.


QPS Netherlands BV

QPS Netherlands BV is a full service phase 1 CRO, on the premises of the UMCG. QPS Netherlands BV is part of QPS Holdings LLC. Their Phase I research capabilities feature more than 500 beds across six strategically located facilities on three continents, with a 58 bed unit in Groningen. All Phase I sites are staffed by expert Clinical Pharmacology Teams that routinely conduct hundreds of Phase I/IIa studies annually. QPS also have scientific expertise in the design of all types of Phase I studies, as well as the interpretation of study data. Their Clinical Development Team combines scientific expertise, open communication and trust to build lasting relationships with our clients. QPS offer collaborative solutions throughout the entire clinical development process to provide you with high enrollment rates, industry-best timelines, high-quality data, and a competitive price. Collaboration between G-CURE and QPS offers our customers the opportunity to implement all phases of the clinical development program under one roof.


G-Cure – Management and Staff

Prof. dr. Adriaan Voors
Chief Scientific and Executive Officer

Ruben de Jong, MSc
Chief Operating Officer