Training to become a cardiologist at Groningen Cardiology

Cardiac disease has a huge impact

The field of cardiology has seen huge advances over the past years. The life expectancy of patients suffering from heart disease has been improved immensely, particularly by improvements to the treatment of cardiac arrest. Heart disease has not been eradicated completely however, and cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer in men and women worldwide. From the sudden shock of cardiac ischemia or arrest to more chronic diseases such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation, heart disease has a huge impact on the life of our patients. As a cardiologist, you could make the difference.

At Groningen Cardiology you will receive the training best suited to your future career.

Patient care, research, and training brought together

The University Medical Center Groningen is the only hospital in the northern provinces of the Netherlands to offer a complete training program for cardiologists from start to finish. Every year, 4 residents begin their training, and at any given time there are 30 cardiology residents employed at the UMCG heart center. The training program consists of two years of internal medicine and four years of cardiology, of which one year in a non-academic center. Our training program will help you diagnose and treat all sorts of heart diseases. You will also be trained in several specific procedures such as echocardiography, angiography, and pacemaker implantation. During your last year of training, you will have the option to select a particular field of interest such as interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, imaging, heart failure, or congenital cardiology.

Research and training to become a cardiologist

We believe research is a fundamental part of clinical cardiology. That is why we offer our cardiology residents the unique option to combine their training with research: some cardiologists in training even have their own research group. Do you want to become a cardiologist as well? Joining one of our research groups is an important first step towards making a future in clinical cardiology a reality. Join us and help us complete our mission to find a cure for all heart diseases.

Joining us has several advantages:

  • All types of cardiac care in one hospital
  • Lots of opportunities to design your own training schedule
  • The option to combine clinical training and research
  • Close partnerships with other hospitals in the region