Daan Ties


I started my research at the Interventional and Translational Cardiology Research Group in September 2016 during a scientific internship for my study Medicine. After finishing Medicine at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, I was offered the opportunity to start my PhD in the same group in September 2017. Since then, I have had the fortune to contribute to three large clinical studies that are performed within our research group, all of which involve cardiac imaging. The combination of learning clinical skills on imaging of the heart, gaining knowledge on ( early detection of) cardiovascular disease in general and learning to become an independent researcher at the same time, make me enjoy my work at this department ever since.


Current activities

My PhD focuses on the early detection of cardiovascular disease using non-invasive imaging techniques of the heart. My main task is the daily coordination of the Early-Synergy project, which investigates a diagnostic algorithm combining cardiac CT and MRI, in order to early diagnose serious heart disease before a heart attack or heart infarction occurs in previously healthy individuals.

Mijn projecten


Cardiale CT en en MRI om invasieve invasieve coronaire angiografie te vervangen in patiƫnten verdacht van kransslagvatlijden

Early Synergy

Vroegdetectie van obstructief coronairlijden