Cycling the Frisian “Elfstedentocht” for the PLN Foundation

Cycling the Frisian “Elfstedentocht” for the PLN Foundation: Joost Beusekamp, Chris Lexis and Niels Grote Beverborg

Saturday, September 12th, 5 AM. Cardiologist, physicians, general practitioners, researchers, PLN carriers and family members gather at Bolsward in Friesland to raise awareness and collect money for research with the goal of curing PLN cardiomyopathy. Precisely at this place, as the founder mutation causing PLN cardiomyopathy originated from Friesland around the year 1200. And still, the majority of the patients with the PLN cardiomyopathy live in, or around Friesland. PLN cardiomyopathy is only recently discovered and the research into the topic is quickly gaining speed. To further boost this, yearly events are organized by the PLN Foundation, such as the event of today.

The goal of the day: cycling the “Elfstedentocht” of 235km in total, with 35 cycling enthusiasts with a link to PLN disease. Amongst them a team from Groningen consisting of two researchers of the department, Joost Beusekamp and Niels Grote Beverborg and a cardiologist in training, Chris Lexis. The tour is fully organized by PLN patients and family members. One of the patients, having received a heart transplant a few years before, even takes part in the tour itself.

There is a strong wind that day, but the tour goes well. After approximately 8 hours in the saddle, and some good teamwork, almost everyone makes it to the finish in Bolsward. There, the total yield of the event is revealed: € 101.069,06. An impressive reward for a good day of hard work. The money will be spent 100% on research projects, such as some of the projects in our department around the PLN R14del mouse model and antisense treatment.

Donations are still welcome at the following link: The plan for next year? Cycling the “Styrkeprøven”, Trondheim to Oslo, 540km and 3627m of elevation, in one day.