Frits Deiman

PhD Student

Frits Deiman received his master degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen, where he specialized in Ageing Biology and gained a strong background in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine.  In October 2019, Frits started working as a PhD candidate at the University Medical Center Groningen under supervision of Prof. Dr. Van der Meer, Dr. Bömer and Dr. Grote Beverborg. He is currently working on a novel therapeutic strategy to treat genetic heart disease.


Mijn projecten

PLN cardiomyopathy

Investigating and treating phospholamban cardiomyopathy

Mijn publicaties

Multiplex live single-cell transcriptional analysis demarcates cellular functional heterogeneity.

Atmanli, A., Hu, D., Deiman, F. E., van de Vrugt, A. M., Black, L. D., & Domian, I. J. ELife. 2019

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