Mandema grant for Laura Meems

Laura Meems receives Mandema Stipend: how sex-specific dynamics may be important in heart failure development

On January 7, during the New Year’s Reception of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), Laura Meems was awarded with a Mandema Stipend (Mandema Stipendium). The Mandema Stipend is offered by the Junior Scientific Masterclass and includes a personal grant of 65.000 euros that enables young, ambitious researchers to continue scientific research during their clinical training as medical specialist.


Dr. Meems has started her training as cardiologist in 2017. Prior to that she obtained her MD/PhD degree in Cardiology at UMCG and followed a postdoctoral fellowship at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN, USA). She aims for a career as physician-scientist in the cardiovascular field with a specific interest in heart failure.


Dr. Meems will use the Mandema Stipend to focus on the role of sex specific differences in heart failure. Using a translational approach she will investigate two different types of heart failure that clinically present in a distinguished manner in males and females. Her overall aim is to increase knowledge on this disease by investigating how and why development of heart failure differs in males and females, which will  hopefully lead to the development of novel sex-specific therapeutic targets for heart failure treatment.

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