Vivian Oliveira Nunes Teixeira


Vivian graduated as a Bachelor in Biology in 2009 in Brazil and finished her Master’s degree in Medical Sciences in 2011. In December 2015 she finished her PhD in the subject of “Muscle wasting in inflammatory arthritis animal models”. Vivian did tree one-year Postdocs: “RC-3095 effect on invasiveness of fibroblast-like sinoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis”, “Imidazolium salts derivatives toxicicity on Leishmania amazonensis” and “Homologous recombination deficiency and PARP inhibitor response in high grade ovarian cancer (HGOC) patient derived xenograph (PDX) models” in in Marcel van Vugt lab. She is currently working as a postdoc in Experimental Cardiology of UMCG with Rudolf de Boer and Herman Sillje.

Current activities

Vivian is working on phospholamban R14del cardiomyopathy mice model. Vivian is researching phospholamban R14del protein aggregates in mice cardiomyocytes in order to clarify its mechanisms and the progression of the disease.

Mijn projecten


Secreted factors in cardiac remodeling provoke tumorigenesis and end organ damage in heart failure

PLN cardiomyopathy

Investigating and treating phospholamban cardiomyopathy

Mijn publicaties

Mechanisms of muscle wasting in sarcopenia.

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Muscle wasting in collagen-induced arthritis and disuse atrophy.

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Collagen-induced arthritis as an animal model of rheumatoid cachexia.

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